We are a company that specialises in application security.

From secure architecture design to full on penetration testing, binary dissassembly, code review, security training and consultancy, we are here to cover all your needs.

Our consultants are well known in the security industry for their research and have an enthusiastic approach to security. We provide services for companies of all sizes, and our service quality / price ratio is unbeatable.


Security Code Review

Get an experienced pair of eyes to review your code for security flaws. We can handle any language you throw at us: from close-to-metal C to up-the-stack Ruby on Rails.

Penetration Testing

Hands on manual penetration testing of web applications and thick clients. We attempt to attack your application like a real hacker would.

AGIS Find n' Fix

An exclusive service where we perform a top to bottom security review of your application, and then fix it for you! Ideal for startups or SMEs.

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