We are a company that specialises in cyber security.

From secure architecture design to full on penetration testing, binary dissassembly, code review, security training and consultancy, we are here to cover all your needs.

Our consultants are well known in the security industry for their research and have an enthusiastic approach to cyber security. We provide services at a higher quality and lower price than our mainstream competitors.


Security Code Review

Get an experienced pair of eyes to review your code for security flaws. We can handle any language you throw at us: from close-to-metal C to top-of-stack Ruby on Rails. Any code given to us is kept fully encrypted, deleted after the engagement and our NDA are honoured in perpetuity.

Penetration Testing

Hands on manual penetration testing of web applications, infrastructure, networks, hardware, embedded devices and thick clients. We attempt to attack your systems like a real hacker would, and delivery a report detailing what we achieved, and how it can be prevented.

Reverse Engineering

No code? No problem. Our consultants have decades of experience reverse engineering software and hardware for interoperation, algorithm identification and vulnerability research in x86, x64, ARM, MIPS, SH4, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Go and others.

Incident Response

Have you been hacked? If so, we can help. We will immediately start investigating any suspicious activity in your network, determine how the intruders get in, and help you plug the holes to avoid future intrusions.

Network Monitoring

We can help you monitor your network for any intrusions by deploying and operating sensors inside it, as we have done countless times for several clients. This service helps you detect and respond to any future intrusions in your network.

Secure Architecture

Penetration Testing is essential to ensure the ongoing security of any product. But did you know that it costs 1000 times more to secure a product after release than in development? Our consultants can help you plan and develop your product to avoid costly security mistakes.

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