Reverse Engineering (RE) is more of an art than science, so the saying goes. However, with decades of combined experienced in “RE”, our consultants use their unique skills plus a combination of techniques developed over the years to minimise the time spent and deliver exactly what our clients want.

Our Experience

We have helped clients to reverse engineer:

  • A proprietary file format, so that their products can work with those files.
  • A product validation algorithm, to allow third party products to pass that validation as an original product would, enabling interoperation.
  • An outdated application, for which there is no source code, so that the client can replace this legacy application with a newer middleware layer.
  • Third party code to discover and develop exploits for previously unknown (0 day) vulnerabilities.

We have reverse engineered applications and products written in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Go, Rust and others. Our consultants have ample experience reversing binary applications for which there is no source, only assembly code such as x86, x64, ARM, MIPS, SH-4 and others.


Please note that due to the specialised nature of these services, some of them cannot be offered outside certain regions. For example, it is allowed to reverse engineer a product for interoperability purposes in the European Union and United States, but that might be illegal in other jurisdictions. Even in the US and EU, is it not legal to bypass Digital Rights Management protections in most cases.

Vulnerability research and exploit development services can only be offered to clients which are based in NATO countries.